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Internet SHOP of freshly roasted coffee

MAGNET is one of the
largest coffee roasters in
Eastern Ukraine


Our prices are an order of magnitude lower, the quality is higher, and the service is better, since we are engaged in the entire cycle of work

quality grains

We only buy coffee from trusted suppliers, we control the quality, transportation and storage

Best staff

We have SCA Foundation graduates trained in special Italian roasting technology


Our barista will select for you the necessary degree of roasting, to obtain an individual facet of taste

ТМ MAGNET also produces stick products

Sugar in stick format is an indispensable attribute in all coffee houses, hotels and restaurants. This will emphasize your personality and serve as an excellent advertisement for your brand.

The secret of taste
freshly roasted coffee

Freshly Roasted Bean Life
passes in several stages:

First 3 days after coffee roasting grains form taste

4 to 7 day grain maximize your taste and aroma

From day 8 to day 14, grains are capable of intoxicate with aroma and fall in love in many shades taste, giving magic aftertaste

Next one and a half months of taste grain quality gradually fade away

2 months after roasted grains are lost differences between varieties

We fry
coffee beans every day

In our online coffee shop
always fresh so we care about
fast delivery so you have time
enjoy the rich taste
real coffee

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