Arabica India Monsooned Malabar

Freshly roasted coffee. The color, size, shape, as well as the taste and aroma of this type of coffee is the result of special processing.


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Cupping notes: light sourness, earth notes, chocolate, spices

Roasting: medium roast

Strength:  medium

The color, size, shape, taste and aroma of this variety of coffee is the result of a special processing. In ancient times, coffee went to Europe from India in the holds of sailing ships. It took about 4-6 months before the ship bypassed the Cape of Good Hope and finally reached its destination. During the trip beans were stored below water level, in conditions of high humidity, and beans absorbed additional moisture. When the coffee finally arrived in Europe, its color changed from bright green to pale yellow, and the primary sourness of the fresh crop disappeared. Later this method of “monsooned” processing was systematically applied in India to exactly recover the well-known taste which the coffee had during its historical trips to European ports.


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